how old is this kid?

justin bieber - one time

ooookay, i had heard about him and that he's 15. before i listened to this song i kind of expected him to be like a "beautiful soul"-era jesse mccartney. and i was very very very wrong. 0.o
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 heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooo alll. :)

it's brittany here! WOOT WOOT!
so, it's the cincinnati concert tonight. Brooke and I are going. aaaaaahhhh. so excited :D :D :D brooke's going VIP. i am not :( boo. haha. i'm sitting about 15 rows back dead center on the floor. i'll tweet about the concert all night!!
i'm going to twitpic some really good pictures tonight. thank you 5 megapixel phone camera.
i'll post some to each twitter.
so, if you want some pictures and stuff from tonight's concert at US Bank Arena here in Cincinnati follow my twitter:
or the pepperzblog twitter:



niley ring, jobros costumes?

so, @mileycyrus confirms the rumor on the committment ring is totally fake. or well, she was a tad sarcastic about it at first, but it's total scrap.

i had heard the jonas world tour has been totally fantastic. a girl in my FIT class, a non-fan too, was pulled by her friend to the concert one night and came back to tell us it was an extremely good show. and apparently they wear a new costume every night.. backstage?
how cute. and on monday, they had a private concert at the PC richard & son theater in tribeca, nyc. i went to david's private concert there back in may(LKFDGDLSKFGLSDFGJKSFS!!!). i don't remember security being this tight! or there being this many people..

david & demi are in chicago tonight, cincinatti tomorrow. brooke & britt - have an AMAZING time tomorrow! we love you guys! (:

- nikki
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we need readers!

not much to update on today. demi's doing performances and talk shows, david's doing who knows what (such a broad term.)

so this post is for us to say, WE WANT MORE READERS!

so if you're a cool cat, advertise us. we'll love you forever. (:

- nikki
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nick and miley are getting married (?) just announced (as rumors have been reported) nick gave miley a commitment ring to publicly display his affection.

HOWEVER, j-14 is confused with the alleged rumor from last week that they broke up... again.

it's probably not true, but i couldn't even believe the fact that their relationship had switched back into power at all. 16 year olds shouldn't be dating especially if they're hollywood starlets. it's like an omen for scrappy gossip.

- nikki

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new solo tour date!

since the louisville, KY concert was cancelled a few weeks back, david's management is making up for it by adding a brand spankin' new SOLO TOUR DATE for all you kentucky archies. yes, i repeat, SOLO. details follow:

"David Archuleta
Hard Rock Cafe Louisville
Louisville, KY
August 5, 8 pm
Tickets go on sale Wed, 7/22"

this is AMAZING news for me, because i live a half hour away from louisville. excuse me while i have a spazz attack. :]

- brooke

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here we go again [demi]

one of david's 3 important chicas of the day has her new album out now! i downloaded it on itunes this morning and listened my whole ride to the city. my personal opinion, it's a lot better than her first album "don't forget." it was too inspired by the jonas brothers. she can make her own career, okay?

HWGA has just the right amount of maturity and youth. a lot of the songs have a mutual sound in the beginning of the song. and once demi said she wanted to make her album a little more john mayer-ish. i can see where she's going with it, but her songs are a lot more upbeat and like i said, youthful. so here's some songs i recommend!

- here we go again [the story is totally relateable.]
- solo [easy to listen to.]
- quiet [dramatic and gets your attention. it's not much of a "quiet" song haha.]
- catch me [she sang this in concert, and the ending was totally unexpected.]
- every time you lie [david picked this too! lol. i like the vintage beginning.]
- remember december [the way she carries the tune in the chorus is soooo good. or it could just be editing. but who cares]

i still need to listen to jordin's and brooke's albums. if you have any suggestions from those albums definitely give some!

- nikki
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aren't bunnies wonderful ?

david has a new blog, oh how i love him and his randomnesss.

 "All right everyone, you can probably guess what I'm going to talk about in this blog. The magical 3! Yes, there are 3 amazingly talented girls with albums now out, and you should show some love! The first one is Jordin Sparks who is my Jive label big sister. Her new album is called Battlefield, and a song I'd recommend for you to listen to is Walking On Snow. 2nd is Demi Lovato, who I am out on tour with right now. Her album's called Here We Go Again, and a song off of her album that I think you should listen to is Every Time You Lie :). The 3rd muchacha is Brooke White with High Hopes & Heartbreak, and if you haven't heard hers yet you ought to treat your ears to Be Careful. So anyway, there are my suggestions for the 3 this week.

Friday we had the LA show at the Nokia Theater! It was a grand time! I had some of my good friends come to the show. Brooke White and her husband, Jason Castro and his family, Benton Paul, and one of my friends from Utah were all there! After the show we all went out to eat and chatted, and it was good. Thank you to all of you for coming! It was such a fun show! I seriously have been loving tour. I love going to all the different cities, and seeing all of the different crowds of people at every show. I love it when my friends or family come to a show too! It makes me want to do even better. It's fun meeting new people at every city too. It like gives me a connection to the city. Ok well if that isn't cheesy enough I'll take it one step further. Aren't bunnies wonderful?? But as wonderful as bunnies are my heart belongs to Totoro. Just kidding. Idk why I'm in a weird mood today. Maybe it's because my band is talking about Metallica and stuff right now. I'm trying to balance it out. Ok I'm done on this ramble.

Sunday was a day off! Not to mention in Utah!! Well when I say day off I mean no show, because I recorded all day haha. But it was Christmas stuff! Starting the Christmas spirit early for myself this year. After recording all day, I got to spend time with my mom and sisters! We went over to one of my friends' houses to say bye to my friend who is from Denmark. He was an exchange student last year, and he came back for a few weeks to visit. He was leaving Monday though, so Sunday was my only chance to see him since I was leaving that night. I love it when I unite my friends and family :). My mom thought I was kidding when I said I wanted them all to come hang out with my friends lol. But I think it's great having my favorite little bunch of people (my family) come together with another group of people whom I enjoy being around. I want my friends to know how cool my family is, or at least how cool I think my family is lol. Everyone had a good time too. But yeah, it was fun just spending time with everyone. It's something that's so simple, yet so valuable to me.

So when I was hanging out with my Danish friend, he said that there was a Music channel in Denmark that dedicated a week to me and played Crush everyday or something! I was thinking what?? I didn't even know they really knew who I was there! I think it's so cool! Especially since I have Danish blood in me. It's been on my mind ever since I was with my aunt in Dallas and we talked about my ancestors and had ebleskiver lol. But man I just can't get over it! He said that the next time I go to Europe he'll come to a show and meet me wherever I am, so I think that'd be awesome. Ever since then I've been wondering about all the other international fans! I want to just go everywhere! It's so crazy to see different messages from people living all over the world. I can't wait until I go outside of the U.S. again! It's amazing to see that there are fans in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East and Canada! I haven't even been to a lot of those places (yet? lol) so thanks to all of you guys! I hope I can make it up to you all someday and see all of you international fans! And also go back to see the fans in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and the UK haha.

Well before I end this, I just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow's show is sadly our last show with KSM :(. I'm really gonna miss those girls! They've been fun to just talk to and hang out with. Thanks KSM for coming on tour! And best of luck to you! Jordan Pruitt will be coming on the rest of the tour with us, so that should be good. But remember to show some love to KSM! And also to Jordan when she comes. KSM's last show is actually in Kansas City, where David Cook is from! So we're in the land of Cook again haha. Have any of you gone to his shows yet? I want to try and catch one. But yeah ok I am done now. So I will talk to you guys later! You can always follow me on twitter if you want to more... updated...updates....? Ok bye.

Song for the day: When Love Takes Over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland

I just love Kelly Rowland lol. This might sort of surprise you guys (but maybe it won't) but there was a time in my life that I went through a major dance/electronic music phase, including some David Guetta stuff. I'm actually getting into electronic sounding stuff again (Owl City for example..) But anyway, what's interesting is that that phase was during the same time that Stole by Kelly Rowland was one of my new favorite songs, so the combination in this song really surprised me (in a good way.) So it's the song for the day. P.S. Sorry if this confused you. "

HAHAHAHAHA i love him , seriously can he get any more adorableeee? lmao.

i need massive help.

we gotta make this blog pumpinnn. we have like. 1 reader. who is really nice so thanks :D

someone out there give me (or us...) guidance!

how do you put in a banner?
what are the right codes?
how can you put pictures in if they're not from photobucket?

if i knew, our david stuff would be more adequate..
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