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24 July 2009 @ 12:44 pm
niley ring, jobros costumes?  
so, @mileycyrus confirms the rumor on the committment ring is totally fake. or well, she was a tad sarcastic about it at first, but it's total scrap.

i had heard the jonas world tour has been totally fantastic. a girl in my FIT class, a non-fan too, was pulled by her friend to the concert one night and came back to tell us it was an extremely good show. and apparently they wear a new costume every night.. backstage?
how cute. and on monday, they had a private concert at the PC richard & son theater in tribeca, nyc. i went to david's private concert there back in may(LKFDGDLSKFGLSDFGJKSFS!!!). i don't remember security being this tight! or there being this many people..

david & demi are in chicago tonight, cincinatti tomorrow. brooke & britt - have an AMAZING time tomorrow! we love you guys! (:

- nikki
credit to j-14.com
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